Equipment Required

Posted by Robert Hampton on 23rd March 2009 at 9:29 pm

Following on from our announcement of a new home for the unit, the Friends of the 502 Group are now in a position to accept donations of the following items of equipment for use in the restoration of the unit:

  • Hand tools – for metalwork, woodwork and general tasks, i.e. hammers, spanners, dollies, chisels, planes, tin-snips, screwdrivers etc;
  • Power tools (preferably 110v, as we have a 110v generator) – drills, grinders etc;
  • Air compressor and associsted tools, i.e. chisel, wrench, drill;
  • Mobile arc or mig welding set;
  • PPE items, such as steel-toe boots, overalls, hand-cleaner and gloves;
  • Scaffold tower or similar, ladders, fall-arrest equipment;
  • Storage boxes / containers for smaller items / spares.

There are probably many other items that will be required, but if you are able to donate anything – or know of any companies which are either disposing of such items or wish to donate – then please contact us.

If any companies wish to donate, then we shall happily include a link to their website etc on, as well as include an advert in the next newsletter.

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