Standing Orders

Posted by Robert Hampton on 7th October 2009 at 1:13 pm

We are grateful to all those who have already signed up as members, paying by cheque or using PayPal. However, have you considered setting up a regular Standing Order from your bank account? Standing Orders are a great way to make a regular contribution to the group’s funds and ensure we have a regular income throughout the year, without hurting your own finances.

For example, a contribution of £10 per month works out at less than 40p per day, but over the course of a year will build up to £120, which will be a great help to us when buying tools or equipment. You can choose to donate a larger or smaller amount to suit your own pocket.

Whether you are an existing member, or are about to join us for the first time, please consider a standing order. Details are available on the membership page, or contact the group treasurer to request a standing order mandate.

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