Don’t let the Class 502 go the way of the Royal Iris

Posted by Robert Hampton on 6th February 2010 at 4:25 pm

Many Merseysiders will have woken to the sad news, reported in today’s Liverpool Echo, of the former Mersey Ferry, Royal Iris, which has ended her days half-sunken and derelict in the River Thames after falling into disrepair. The Iris, like the 502, is an important part of Merseyside’s transport history and deserved to be saved.

The 502, however, is fortunate to have a dedicated group of volunteers working to restore the unit. Unfortunately due to a lack of manpower and funding, progress is very slow at the moment.

Therefore we would ask you to refer to our previous message, originally posted last March, about equipment required. If you have not already done so, please also consider becoming a member of the Friends of the 502 Group and donating your time and/or money to the project.

We are still searching for a site on Merseyside where the 502 can be housed securely. If you think you can help us with this or in any other way, please contact us.

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