Work Party Report – 17th April 2011

Posted by Robert Hampton on 19th April 2011 at 10:07 pm

Just a quick report of the work that was carried out at Tebay last Saturday.

We had the largest number of people ever for a work party (including one member who had only joined last week!) so a range of tasks were undertaken.

The inside of the workshop container was in need of a re-organisation, so, once some of the trailer coach seat cushions that were stored in there were moved to the motor coach, some new shelving was erected. This allowed the wooden framework that had been removed from the trailer to be stored safely and provided us with space to store the spare parts we hold for our 110v generators.

The interior of the container was also painted white, so that the recently installed lighting works more effectively. A start was also made on re-arranging the lockers and work-bench so that a small kitchen area can be fitted out (complete with sink and water heater).

The other container also received some attention, with scrap items being identifed and stored and the remaining items re-arranged so that there is more space available for storage of larger items.

Work on the unit itself was confined to starting to catalogue the spares that are stored within the motor coach – most of which have not been moved since the unit first went to MOD Kineton from Southport!

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