February 2009

Home Found For Unit

Posted by Robert Hampton on 22nd February 2009 at 12:17 am

We are pleased to announce that a home has been found for the 502 at a private site in Cumbria. Although this location is not accessible to the public and only available temporarily, it will allow us to move the unit away from MoD Kineton by mid-March. Efforts are ongoing to find a suitable permanent location where the 502 could eventually be put on public display.

Ownership of the unit will remain with the National Railway Museum for the time being, transferring to the Group once certain conditions set by the NRM are complied with.

In the meantime we now need your support to ensure we can start the long process of restoring the unit. If you have not yet joined the group, or you have signed up but not paid your subscription fee, see the membership page for more information.

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