November 2015

Friends of the 502 Group celebrate Grassroots Giving success

Posted by Robert Hampton on 5th November 2015 at 1:00 pm

The Friends of the 502 Group have been successful in the Skipton Building Society Grassroots giving awards.

Proud to be one of Skipton Building Society's Grassroots Giving Winners

The idea behind the Grassroots Giving campaign is to help community organisations, or groups, who only have access to limited funding from elsewhere. Having made it to the shortlist, members of the public were then asked to vote for the various shortlisted applicants.

Having gained sufficient votes we were awarded a £500 share of this year’s Grassroots funding. The award will go towards the flooring of the unit all of which is sourced locally.

“Everything we have achieved so far has been largely funded by the generosity of our team and supported by generous donations from local community through Open Days organised in conjunction with our colleagues in Merseyside Transport Trust (MTT). We purchase all our materials locally receiving discounts and practical (non financial) support from our suppliers. This is two way traffic as both sides benefit. The purpose of this application is for floor coverings as the walking surfaces over the new steel flooring we are installing. So far we have funded everything ourselves. Our unit has been around for 75 years. We are restoring with 30 to 40 year anticipated life expectancy. Your funding would be for what people see and use.

“As we are achieving greater progress our local presence and Membership are increasing. We are increasingly well known and respected within Carriage side of Heritage Railway Community for taking on what many considered to be impossible. These will be our legacies.”

Our thanks go to the Skipton Building Society and all who voted for us.

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